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Our Process

This Is How We Do It

Our philosophy

Inovative products for your plants

Nowadays more and more people have started paying attention to organic and healthy food, safe and green environment — they have started giving up chemicals in fruit and vegetable cultivation, even in decorative plant cultivation.
Our natural fertilisers will help refuse from all kinds of chemicals in cultivation of plants, because they are not only completely natural, but overpower chemical fertilisers in terms of efficiency. This innovative method, using the unique compost earthworms “Staratel”, indeed allows us to say that our vermicompost has the value of gold and is an irreplaceable organic fertiliser.



our philosophy

Miracle of nature

Our production unit, situated in a quiet and green nook of Latvia, creates a miracle of nature, which already now is used by professional farmers and gardening enthusiasts in various countries across the world. Due to this we pay special attention to ensure that the range of our offer would include products for various climate zones and types of plants.

Production of biohumus

Main processes

The production of vermicompost (biohumus) is carried out by bioconverting different organic waste of agriculture and manufacturing origin, including manure of different animals kept for farming purposes (pigs, horses, cows, and hens), to high­quality organic fertiliser.

Production of vermicompost features the following main processes:

  • preparation of the substrate or the so­called compost (earthworm food);
  • placing the earthworms into the substrate/compost;
  • cultivation and additional feeding of earthworms;
  • removing the earthworms;
  • after­treatment of the raw material of vermicompost.

Out of 1 tonne of raw material, moisture 70–80%, 600 l of vermicompost, moisture 45–50%, are produced. The technological cycle of converting cattle manure to ready­made production takes 6–8 months.